Medi-Cal Managed Care Compliance 101 Webinar
What all health plan staff should know about compliance

June 13, 2022
1:30 – 3:00 p.m., Pacific Time
An LHPC members-only program

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Health plans must operate within the robust state and federal laws and regulatory requirements that govern managed care organizations. Plans are required by law to have compliance programs in place that are designed to keep them operating within a prescribed legal and regulatory framework, to reduce risk of non-compliance and ultimately improve patient care. This makes compliance central to health plan success and sustainability.

No matter your role or position, every individual plays an important part in ensuring the health plan achieves and maintains compliance. Join us for this introductory webinar and learn the fundamentals of health care compliance, including:

  • What is compliance and why is it important?
  • Who is responsible for compliance?
  • Who makes the rules and how are they implemented?
  • How does compliance impact me?

Who should attend:
Health plan staff at all levels and across all departments who are new to managed care. The webinar would also be valuable to staff who are interested in learning about how compliance works within the health plan and the role they play in helping to achieve and maintain compliance.


What is Compliance?

  • Role of compliance in managed care
  • Essential (and required) elements of a compliance program

Why is Compliance Important?

  • Purpose and core principles of compliance
  • How compliance teams work to mitigate and prevent risk
  • What happens when incidents occur or if there are compliance findings

Who’s Responsible for Compliance?

  • Compliance organizational structure
  • Roles and responsibilities of health plan compliance departments

Who Makes the Rules & How are They Implemented?

  • Regulatory oversight authorities — DHCS, DMHC, CMS
  • How new rules and requirements are received, relayed and complied with

How Does Compliance Impact Me?

  • Real-world examples of risk and compliance in practice
  • Compliance is a team effort


Ian Johansson, CHC
Chief Compliance Officer
Health Plan of San Mateo

Nina Maruyama
Chief Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Officer
San Francisco Health Plan


This is an LHPC members-only program.

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