How We're Different


Our Commitment

LHPC’s member plans:

  • Provide health plan members with a greater choice of physicians and hospitals.
  • Serve patients with a variety of medical conditions, 33% of whom have chronic conditions.
  • Help control health care costs by coordinating care for populations that may not know how to use the health care system.
  • Deliver higher value for members than commercial counterparts by spending more member premium dollars on patient care and health care quality improvement services.
  • Invest in a variety of community benefit initiatives and projects that serve the unique and complex needs of their communities.
  • Operate with transparency and are made up of a broad cross section of community and provider stakeholders.
  • Employ over 7,500 Californians and provide critical access to care in regions they operate.
  • Rank highest in care quality across all Medi-Cal plans in the state and are member and provider preferred.

Guiding Principles

The difference is local:  Local health plans are specifically tailored to respond to local needs.

  • Reinvest in the community: Plan revenue remains in the community and is used to enhance member services, expand coverage, and improve the community’s health.
  • Listen and respond to members: Plans work with consumer advisory committees to gain insight into member needs.
  • Managed care makes a difference: We provide our members with a medical home that ensures better coordination of care and treatment.
  • Focus on prevention: We place a strong emphasis on preventive care for our members. Our members enjoy an ongoing program of health education, disease management, checkups and screenings.
  • Increase plan member choices: Our plans provide members with a greater number of primary care physicians from which to choose, as well as a broad selection of specialists.
  • Greater assurance of quality care: Our Medi-Cal physicians are credentialed and their facilities are evaluated annually.  A centralized system of accepting, tracking, and resolving member complaints exists to ensure member satisfaction and to improve the delivery of care.
  • Care for vulnerable populations: Local health plans contract with safety-net and traditional providers to preserve the relationships many Medi-Cal enrollees have with their providers, and to ensure these providers have the financial resources to continue serving the indigent and uninsured.

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Community Investments

LHPC’s member plans make a positive impact on the communities and members they serve and rank higher in member satisfaction, provider satisfaction and care quality scores than all Medi-Cal plans in California. Our member plans are committed to providing access to quality, affordable, and comprehensive health care services for all Californians.


Facts & Resources

Learn more about how LHPC and our member plans’ are ensuring all Californians have access to affordable and quality health care services across the state.

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