Video Series: Medi-Cal Managed Care Fundamentals

The LHPC Institute has developed a 4-episode video series designed to introduce and explain some of the fundamental concepts of Medi-Cal and managed care. Throughout the series, you will learn more about the Medi-Cal program and who it serves, as well as some of the concepts, principles and structure of Medi-Cal managed care. 

Episode 1: What is Medi-Cal?

    New employee Jamie needs a crash course on Medi-Cal for an upcoming project. Fortunately, David — Jamie’s old friend and colleague — agrees to give her a quick tutorial.

    In this episode:

    • Medi-Cal program basics
    • How Medi-Cal is funded
    • Medi-Cal benefits and services
    • Introduction to Medi-Cal delivery systems

    Episode 2: Medi-Cal Eligibility

    Jamie’s been tasked with a daunting new project — a presentation on Medi-Cal eligibility. Thankfully, David comes to her rescue.

    In this episode:

    • Who’s eligible for Medi-Cal 
    • How eligibility is determined
    • Pathways to eligibility

    Episode 3: What is Medi-Cal Managed Care?

    Jamie’s vying for a new position and David helps her prepare for her upcoming interview, which requires her to know the ins and outs of Medi-Cal managed care.

    In this episode:

    • Medi-Cal delivery systems
    • Medi-Cal managed care concepts 
    • Plan strategies and tools for managing risk and promoting positive health outcomes 

    Episode 4: Medi-Cal Managed Care Plan Models

    David and Jamie have one week left to prepare materials for the company’s annual stakeholders meeting.

    In this episode:

    • Medi-Cal managed care plan models
    • How California’s managed care program is unique
    • Value of local health plans within the Medi-Cal managed care framework