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Alameda Alliance for Health Returns to Local Control

(Alameda, Calif.) – The Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC), the state department that regulates health plans, returned the Alameda Alliance for Health (Alliance) back to the local control of the Alliance Board of Governors and CEO Scott Coffin.

The Alliance is a local initiative health plan that serves more than 250,000 children and adults in Alameda County through its Medi-Cal and Alliance Group Care programs.

In May 2014, the DMHC placed the Alliance under a conservatorship for failing to meet mandatory minimum financial benchmarks and for non-compliance with timely claims payment requirements.

On October 30, 2015, the Alameda County Superior Court confirmed the return of the Alliance to local control as a result of the Alliance successfully completing corrective action performance milestones that were set by DMHC in July 2015.

“The goal of the conservatorship has always been to bring the plan into a healthy financial condition and transition the plan back to local control,” said DMHC Director Shelley Rouillard. “During the conservatorship the DMHC worked closely with Alameda Alliance to ensure its members continued to receive quality care and did not have any interruptions in service. I am very proud of all the work accomplished by the DMHC, the conservator and the staff at Alameda Alliance over the last year to get to this point.”

Through the period of the conservatorship the DMHC and the Alliance Board of Governors appointed Scott Coffin as the CEO in May 2015. The transition from conservatorship to local control is a significant accomplishment for the Alliance” adding, “we will continue to innovate partnerships in our community, improve access to care, and deliver quality healthcare for Alameda County residents” said Alliance CEO Scott Coffin. 

The Alliance has improved operational performance and is currently exceeding the tangible net equity requirement, which is a key financial benchmark for state regulators indicating financial solvency and stability.  The Alliance also addressed the claims backlog, which created significant difficulties for providers.  The Alliance is now processing claims within the state required timeframe and additional resources have been added to the Provider Relations and Compliance departments in an effort to expeditiously address provider concerns.

“It’s been a difficult journey” said Alliance Board of Governors Chair Jane Garcia.  “We are ecstatic to be on the other side of this; and, we’re stronger than ever.  We are definitely ready for the next chapter.”

The Alliance has maintained a pivotal role in the county’s health care delivery system and has begun to meet with community stakeholders and partners, including the county’s medical center Alameda Health System, as a critical next step in moving forward.  “We look forward to developing a strong relationship with the Alliance as it returns to local control” said Alameda Health System CEO Delvecchio Finley.  “We are excited to explore opportunities to partner with the Alliance on innovative and strategic initiatives to improve the quality of healthcare and health outcomes throughout the health care safety net.” 

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About the Alliance

Created more than 18 years ago by and for Alameda County residents, the Alameda Alliance for Health (Alliance) is a local not-for-profit managed care health plan committed to making high quality health care services accessible and affordable to lower-income people of Alameda County. The Alliance provides health care coverage to over 250,000 low-income children and adults through two programs: Medi-Cal and Alliance Group Care. The Alliance staff and provider network reflect the county’s cultural and linguistic diversity. For more information, visit