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Inland Empire Health Plan Placed in 99th Percentile for Provider Satisfaction

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, January 5, 2021— Inland Empire Health Plan’s (IEHP) Providers shared their experience with the health plan in this year’s Provider Satisfaction Survey, issuing the health plan a 96.6% satisfaction score for the year and placing it in the 99th percentile for Provider Satisfaction nationwide. And while the high satisfaction rate is inspiring, the plan is paying close attention to areas  and opportunities to better support their Providers. 

Administered to the health plan’s provider network annually by phone and through a third party vendor, the survey seeks to assess Provider satisfaction with the services and support they receive from IEHP. The survey included responses from Primary Care Physicians, Specialists and Behavioral Health Providers.

“This year especially, the information shared in our Provider Satisfaction Survey is critical,” said Susie White, IEHP chief operating officer. “Our providers are our boots on the ground and they know first hand what is and isn’t working. To ensure our members have the care and services they need, we have to make sure our providers are feeling confident with the tools and resources we’ve made available to them.”

To effectively survey the health plan’s provider network, the survey focused on key drivers of Provider Satisfaction. These included: Access to care managers, helpfulness of the health plan call center staff in obtaining referrals for patients, and the timeliness of obtaining pre-certication, referral or authorization information.

Of the providers who responded, 98.7% shared that they’d recommend IEHP to other physicians’ practices. Broken down by category, IEHP ranked within the 99th percentile for Provider Relations, health plan call center staff, pharmacy, utilization and quality management, and coordination of care. The health plan also scored in the 98th percentile in the financial category.

While the health plan scored well in the telehealth area of the survey, IEHP did spot an opportunity to enhance access to resources and information for the use of telehealth services.  “It’s been a very tough year for our Providers and while we are thrilled to hear the positive responses, we are also incredibly eager to learn what more we can do to better support them as they continue to care for our members and communities,” added White.

“As we continue to work through this pandemic together, we want our providers to know that our commitment to supporting them has not wavered one bit,” said White. “As a community-based health plan, it is our duty to respond to their needs and continue to adjust, improve and listen so that our members and communities can enjoy optimal care and vibrant health.”  

About IEHP

IEHP, Inland Empire Health Plan, is one of the top 10 largest Medicaid health plans and the largest not-for-profit Medicare-Medicaid plan in the country. With a network of more than 6,400 Providers and more than 2,000 employees, IEHP serves more than 1.3 million residents in Riverside and San Bernardino counties who are enrolled in Medicaid or Cal MediConnect Plan (Medicare-Medicaid Plan). Through a dynamic partnership with Providers and Community, award-winning service and innovative products, IEHP is fully committed to advocating for our Members and providing them with quality, accessible and wellness-based health care services. For more information, visit